Sofia Richie Gets “Scared” About Potential Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Sofia Richie Gets “Scared” About Potential Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Sofia Richie Gets “Scared” About Potential Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Sofia Richie.

Model and influencer Sofia Richie recently opened up about the “scary” parts of expecting her first child with husband Elliot Grainge. Though thrilled to become a mom, the 25-year-old admitted her fears about getting stretch marks during pregnancy.

Sofia Richie Anxious to Avoid Pregnancy Stretch Marks

In January 2023, Sofia Richie revealed she and Grammy-winning music executive Grainge have a baby on the way. She also shared a sweet gender reveal video announcing they will welcome a daughter this spring. However, behind her excitement, Richie harbored body image worries.

“I am so afraid of getting stretch marks. I know it comes with the territory but I’m doing everything I can to prevent it,” Sofia Richie confessed in a TikTok video. Though a common concern for expectant moms, stretch marks can feel like an alarming prospect.

Doctor Recommends Stretch Mark “Miracle” Butter

Luckily, Sofia Richie’s doctor eased her fears by suggesting a preventative measure. “My doctor, when I first found out I was pregnant, she was like, ‘I have this shea butter that people love.’ I am obsessed. I’ve gone through like six tubs and ordered them,” the model raved.

Sofia Richie called the cocoa and shea-based balm a “miracle stretch mark cream,” saying it leaves her skin “super soft and hydrated.” The organic lotion’s soothing ingredients may help improve skin’s elasticity. Its usage shows Richie’s commitment to caring for her changing pregnant body, inside and out.

Celebrity Shares Pregnancy Journey on Social Media


By documenting her pregnancy journey for her 3.6 million TikTok followers, Richie provides a relatable glimpse into expectant motherhood. Alongside glamorous maternity photoshoots, she also spotlights common challenges like stretch mark anxiety.

Richie’s authentic and encouraging pregnancy posts highlight her growth in her new role. As she anticipates her daughter’s birth, the star focuses on self-care while embracing her beautiful changing form.

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