Travis Kelce Coach Reveals Taylor Swift Discreet Early Stadium Visits

Travis Kelce Coach Reveals Taylor Swift Discreet Early Stadium Visits

Travis Kelce Coach Reveals Taylor Swift Discreet Early Stadium Visits

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Coach Reveals Taylor Swift

New details have emerged revealing that Taylor Swift made secretive trips to privately see boyfriend Travis Kelce at his football games in the early days of their relationship.

Dave Merritt, a coach for Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs, recently appeared on a sports podcast and disclosed insight about Swift’s behind-the-scenes efforts to keep their blossoming romance out of the spotlight last fall.

Hush-Hush Romance Origins

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s high-profile relationship grabbed headlines when Swift started showing up at Chiefs games in September 2022 to cheer on the star tight end. But according to Merritt, the pop icon first began sitting incognito in the stadium to quietly watch Kelce play before going public.

“When she started to come around, it was privately,” Merritt revealed on The Sports Shop podcast. “She was coming into the stadiums without people knowing until the camera put a big spotlight on it.”

So before making their coupling Instagram official and displaying PDA at Kelce’s eventual Super Bowl victory, Swift made secret visits hoping to avoid fanfare and attention.

Once the cat was out of the bag, Swift pivoted to gushing about her plus-one on social media and bringing him up on stage during her Eras tour. But Merritt’s intel suggests Taylor worked diligently early on to keep her blossoming NFL romance out of view.

Covert Tactics to Control Narrative

Given Swift’s level of fame, she likely insisted on covert meetups with Travis in stadium suites to sidestep press speculation and control if/when to go public.

Swift has vocally advocated for female stars to set their own media timelines regarding relationships. So through these initial undisclosed match attendances, she maintained autonomy while gauging if there was long-term potential before allowing cameras to find them.

Now clearly crazy for her football beau based on her tour shoutouts and flirty Instagram posts, Swift’s stealthy early efforts demonstrated the strategy behind the singer giving this sports romance a shot. Travis Kelce’s coach illuminated the calculation involved in how the celebrities too consciously nurtured this Bond away from prying eyes.

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