When does Real Madrid play? | cuando juega el Best real madrid

When does Real Madrid play?

Real Madrid 2023-2024 Match Schedule: Stay Updated on Game Days

Real Madrid, one of the world’s most iconic football clubs, consistently delivers highly anticipated matches for its fervent fan base. To keep you informed about when Real Madrid plays, we’ve compiled a comprehensive calendar for the 2023-2024 season

Real Madrid

Match Schedule

October 28, 202316:15FC Barcelona – Real MadridLa Liga
November 5, 202321:00Real Madrid – Rayo VallecanoLa Liga
November 8, 202321:00Real Madrid – BragaUEFA Champions League
November 11, 202321:00Real Madrid – Valencia CFLa Liga
November 26, 202318:30Cádiz CF – Real MadridLa Liga
November 29, 202321:00Real Madrid – NapoliUEFA Champions League
December 3, 2023— : —Real Madrid – Granada CFLa Liga
December 10, 2023— : —Real Betis – Real MadridLa Liga
December 12, 202321:00Union Berlin – Real MadridUEFA Champions League
December 17, 2023— : —Real Madrid – Villarreal CFLa Liga
Match Schedule

Please keep in mind that this schedule is subject to adjustments, so we recommend checking it regularly on the official Real Madrid website to stay up to date.

Where to Catch Real Madrid in Action

Real Madrid’s matches are accessible through various TV channels and streaming platforms. In Spain, La Liga enthusiasts can tune in to DAZN and Movistar LaLiga TV for live broadcasts. If you’re following the UEFA Champions League, catch the matches on Movistar Liga de Campeones.

For those who prefer streaming, you can watch Real Madrid matches via the DAZN app or the Movistar+ website.

When does Real Madrid play?

How to Secure Tickets for Real Madrid Matches

For fans eager to experience the excitement firsthand, acquiring tickets for Real Madrid matches is a straightforward process. You can purchase your tickets conveniently through the club’s official website or visit the Santiago Bernabéu stadium ticket office. Keep an eye out for ticket sales, usually commencing a few days before the match.

We hope this information serves as a valuable resource to enhance your enjoyment of Real Madrid matches. Cheer on your favorite team!

Match Schedule

28-10-202316:15FC Barcelona – Real MadridLaLiga
05-11-202321:00Real Madrid – Rayo VallecanoLaLiga
08-11-202321:00Real Madrid – BragaUEFA Champions League
11-11-202321:00Real Madrid – Valencia CFLaLiga
26-11-202318:30Cádiz CF – Real MadridLaLiga
29-11-202321:00Real Madrid – NapoliUEFA Champions League
03-12-2023— : —Real Madrid – Granada CFLaLiga
10-12-2023— : —Real Betis – Real MadridLaLiga
12-12-202321:00Union Berlin – Real MadridUEFA Champions League
17-12-2023— : —Real Madrid – Villarreal CFLaLiga
Match Schedule
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