Dua Lipa Feels “Embarrassed” Discussing Her Barbie Cameo

Dua Lipa Feels “Embarrassed” Discussing Her Barbie Cameo

Dua Lipa Feels “Embarrassed” Discussing Her Barbie Cameo, image credit instagram

Dua Lipa Feels “Embarrassed” Discussing Her Barbie Cameo

British pop superstar Dua Lipa recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where she opened up about her small cameo role in 2023 highly-anticipated Barbie film. Starring alongside A-list talents like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Dua admitted feeling embarrassed talking about her fledgling acting skills on Graham’s couch. However, she is proud of landing a part in the musical comedy and even contributed an original song to its star-studded soundtrack.

Introducing Music Icon Dua Lipa

At just 28 years old, London-born singer Dua Lipa has become a global phenom for her unique vocal abilities and knack for writing infectious pop songs. Ever since her breakout smash New Rules” in 2017, she has released multiple chart-topping hits and won six Grammy awards – establishing herself as one of music’s most streamed and credible artists.

Outside of touring sold-out arenas, Dua Lipa is also pursuing interests in modeling and acting. But she still seems humble when discussing her talents in other creative fields rather than the one that made her famous.

The Highly-Anticipated Barbie Film

Slated for a 2023 summer premiere, the live-action Barbie film is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Greta Gerwig and stars Margot Robbie bringing the iconic Mattel doll to life. Plot specifics are still mostly unknown, but rumors suggest a focus on female empowerment and overcoming unrealistic beauty standards. Oscar-nominee Robbie and America’s Ken doll himself Ryan Gosling are expected to showcase plenty of humor and pink plastic fantastic aesthetics.

Gerwig managed to recruit British pop icon Dua Lipa for a minor cameo role to capitalize on both her acting and musical gifts. But next to seasoned professionals like Robbie and Gosling, Dua Lipa still feels like a fish out of water on camera.

Dua Lipa Embarrassed Acting Alongside Hollywood Legends

During her Graham Norton Show interview, fellow guests Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett made Dua Lipa further self-aware about her acting inexperience. “It’s very embarrassing to talk about while sitting next to major legendary actors,” she confessed when asked about her Barbie gig.

“But I am very proud of it,” Dua Lipa reiterated, visibly excited to be part of such an anticipated film. While serious acting remains out of her comfort zone, she had tremendous fun in the role and working alongside director Greta Gerwig.

Dua Lipa Original Song Will Anchor Barbie Soundtrack

Not only did Dua Lipa pop up briefly on camera in Barbie, but she lent her powerful singing abilities to the movie’s soundtrack as well. She co-wrote and recorded an upbeat, girl power anthem titled “Dance The Night Away” specifically for one of Barbie’s choreographed dance sequences.

Initially penning a more somber track about “existential crisis,” Dua Lipa pivoted to fun synth-driven pop after seeing footage of the high-energy film. Fans can expect her signature vocals and lyrics promoting self-love to become a soundtrack highlight that encapsulates Barbie’s essence.

While Dua may downplay her acting talents at this early career stage, her contributions to Barbie’s music prove why she’s one of the most streamed artists today. Expect the film and catchy soundtrack to only elevate her icon status even higher when it releases next year.

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