Meghan Markle Clings to Royal Ties Amid Return Rumors

Meghan Markle Clings to Royal Ties Amid Return Rumors

Meghan Markle Clings to Royal Ties Amid Return Rumors

Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have faced backlash recently over their decision to change their children’s surnames from Mountbatten-Windsor to Sussex. With Archie and Lilibet now going by Archie Sussex and Lilibet Sussex, many critics see this as a desperate attempt by Meghan Markle to hold onto her royal connections.

Expert Claims Meghan Markle is “Desperately Clinging to Anything Royal”

According to psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, Meghan Markle is trying hard to remain tied to the British royal family despite stepping back from official duties. “They are getting desperate, ever more desperate,” Dr. Lieberman stated in an interview. “I think Meghan thought that when they went back to the United States she and Harry would be very popular.

However, as their popularity has waned over the past few years, Meghan Markle has allegedly grown more eager to emphasize her royalty. By altering her children’s last names and self-promoting amid rumors of a UK return, Meghan seems to be clinging to her royal status.

Surname Change Called “Hypocritical” Given Past Comments

For many, Meghan Markle insisting on a royal last name for her kids while being vocally against strict royal conventions comes across as contradictory. As Dr. Lieberman put it, “Her daily plan and goal is she wants to be on the face of everything every day.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has taken a backseat role as “sort of an appendage,” behaving much less assertively in public. Dr. Lieberman theorized that, “It’s like she she needs him, and that’s sort of symbolic. She needs the royalty.”

Ongoing Scrutiny Over Status as Working Royals

Meghan Markle and Harry continue to draw criticism over their royal ties since stepping down as senior working royals. While they have emphasized their desire for privacy, moves like altering their children’s surnames reinforce their connection to the public monarchy. As scrutiny mounts over their efforts to capitalize on royalty while shirking duties, Meghan’s clinginess toward any royal association has become newly contentious.

Meghan Markle’s actions point toward a desperation to retain all aspects of royal life, without fulfilling the typical obligations. Only time will tell whether clinging to titles and status outweighs their calls for privacy as non-working royals.

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