Miami dolphins vs new england patriots

Miami dolphins vs new england patriots

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots predictions

let’s get to this one Dolphins taking on the Patriots game two between these two this season, the Dolphins winning the earlier matchup in Foxboro. Boy. Normally this is a series that one is earlier in the season, one is later in the season. generally, in the Tom Brady era, the Pats always won in the box, bro and the Dolphins always won in Miami, even when the Pats had those great teams and even when the Dolphins had some of those really bad teams, of course, it wasn’t every single year but it was the bulk of the time, Tom Brady, one of, I think the worst record that he had against any team was against the Dolphins.

Miami dolphins vs new england patriots
Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots, image credit by Google

But the thing is that this Dolphins team is a little bit different,

most of their wins have come against really bad teams, whether it’s a coincidence, whether it’s scheduling, whether it’s just the way that it’s shaken out. Tough to tell. We saw the Dolphins lose last time out in Philadelphia. I’m a Dolphins fan I can tell you not just as a fan, but as someone who fans sports,

the Dolphins game, a lot of different things happened over the course of that game. But what didn’t happen was, was the Eagles getting called for any penalties at all. it was one-sided, in that regard, but the Dolphins weren’t at full strength in that game either.

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots And I think they,

Those two teams play later in the season in Miami or even on a neutral site somewhere and the Dolphins are full strength. I think you’d probably see a different result. And then of course, with a chain out of the lineup for the Dolphins, it’s one less option, but most are, he can certainly deliver.

miami dolphins vs new england patriots
Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots, image credit by Google
And I think that’s way underrated and I think he is in general for the past,

It got a win last week against Buffalo. Bills. Mac Jones acted like they won the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick still looked absolutely disgusted when Mac Jones was celebrating and dancing like, like prancing actually on the field during those, final moments of the game. It was pretty sad to watch, you know, to see them celebrate a second win of the season in that kind of, regard. But I guess it’s the little things because they’re gonna get absolutely crushed this week as well.

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